Never lost, misplaced
or destroyed

Critical information, permanently encoded within the products people use

Counterfeits: Identify authentic merchandise before the purchase is made

Innercell empowers the consumer, stopping counterfeits at the point of sale. At all levels of the supply chain and well into secondary markets, Innercell is one of the most effective tools brands can use to protect consumers from forged and potentially unsafe knock-offs. [ FREE Trial! >> ]


Safety: Parents stay informed with the most up-to-date product safety information

Innercell gives manufacturers the ability to broadcast safety information through the products themselves. Unilike an out-of-date printed label, Innercell digital labels can be changed and updated remotely. This allows brands to provide consumers with the most current and reliable information possible. Operating instructions, safety warnings and even recall notices can be attached to the product long after the item has been sold. [ FREE Trial! >> ]


Documentation: Customers always have access to the product manual when they need it

Innercell digitally connects vital product information to the physical product. No more hunting for obscure websites. No more searching for serial numbers or product specifications. It's all right there, permanently encoded within the product forever! [ FREE Trial! >> ]


Consumables: Order replacement parts, refills and supplies faster than ever before

Innercell removes the guesswork, making it easy to order the extras necessary to keep a product functioning. Encoded within an Innercell-enabled item is the ability to purchase consumables on the spot, from the product's physical location. [ FREE Trial! >> ]


Marketing: Engage and connect through an entirely new marketing channel

Market new services and upgrades during consumers’ day-to-day lives through the products they already use. Target special offers, promotions and relevant information at precise points of contact, offering assistance at the time and place the customer may need it most. [ FREE Trial! >> ]


Experiences: Increase the value and effectiveness of promotional merchandise

Encode digital games, music, videos and contests in artists’ t-shirts and other cool swag. Entertain and engage fans like never before. [ FREE Trial! >> ]


About: How does Innercell work?

Innercell is a patented, NFC-based system designed to connect passive products to the Internet of Things, employing the user's smartphone as a relay. Place a smartphone within a few inches of an enabled product and information about that product instantly appears on-screen! With Innercell, companies and brands broadcast valuable digital content through the products people use. Innercell requires no apps, no downloads and nothing to buy. It just works!

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